Monday, October 8, 2012

Gone Batty!

I loooove Halloween!  I usually decorate my store, try to put out gifties and go looking for costumes to wear all month!  Seems this year I have been a bit behind :(.  You could say I have been so busy that I have gone a lil batty! *giggles* 

See what I mean? Batty!!
I made these cute lil bats for my Petite Mesh Avatar, they are on a sculpty track that is scripted and rotates around the attachment point.  This is not a particle emiter.  I made it copy/mod so it is resizable and can be rezzed in your sim. Although I sized it for petites... you could adjust it to your biggie!
I priced it at a super super low secret price too!  So make sure you check it out in  Gatherings Petites store! 
Oh, You may have noticed the outfit in the pic... Well here it is :)  Gatherings Petites Wrapped~ Halloween Edtion.  This is a cute Ribbon and bow outfit, wrap yourself up as a prezzie and Treat that someone special!  It is also 50% off in the Petites store!
As Pictured:
Avatar: Yabusaka Petites Mesh Avatar, custom skinned
Hair: [top pic] Wasabi Pills Orion (Fat Pack-Browns), [bottom pic right] Wasabi Pills Anais (Fat Pack- Reds), [bottom left] D!va Sayaka 2 Type 'A' in Platinum

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