Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Getting Meshie! Implants and Mesh, the Perfect Combo..

I finally took the leap to combine Mesh and Implants! I am sooo tickled with the results too! I have a lot in the works, but this is the first set of releases... I thought it was time for a warm cozy sweater... ok maybe not that warm, but you get the idea.  I paired the sweaters with a great pair of mesh Trouser Jeans too! 

All of these items are available at Gatherings.

 Gatherings Mesh Nordic Sweater pictured with Lola implants for a little extra vavoom!

Look no implants!  Who knew?! ;)

Gatherings Nordic Crop Sweater is available in 4 colors, includes all 5 standard sizes
Optional implant appliers included (without on the left, with Lolas on right)

 Perfect pairing, Gatherings Mesh Trouser Jeans
What I am wearing:
Gatherings Mesh Nordic Sweater & Black Mesh Trouser Jeans. Shoes unreleased from Gatherings.
Hair: (braided) Truth Cheyene Ivory w/roots (boobie friendly if you have small implants), (messy updo) Truth Evelyn, (bottom) Magika Flourish
Promise more Meshie goodness soon!  Want a hint? Think casual business wear and evening gowns ;)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I've Come Undone

Just wanted to share some Petites newness with you!  I have really been loving separates for Petites because mixing and matching is always fun! I am a sucker for rich jewel tones and for leather pants... gosh, I don't know why! ;)  So with that in mind...

Leather pants in both skinny and flared at Gatherings Petites
available in Black, Red, Magenta, Green, and Brown


Gatherings Petites Undone Crop Top available in 9 colors! All reasonably priced at 50L!

These Undone Crop Tops from Gatherings Petites are separates,
meaning you can mix and match with your favorite bottoms!

Oh, and there are new Lucky Chairs! They are located inside of the Gatherings Petites main store! Includes several of the Undone tops, corsets, leather pants, and a few dresses too!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Dirty Pillows Hunt is coming!

I am really really REALLY excited to announce that the Dirty Pillows Hunt is opening soon!  This is sure to be a great event for the busty community! There are 29 stores participating offering great busty friendly lingerie and sleep wear!

I am offering two gifts.. one for implant wearers (works without implants too!) and the other for BosomMesh.  YAY! 

I took some pictures (ok quite a few) using shadows and windlight settings which I usally don't do for ads. It was a lot of fun.. but i discovered that shadows are not a BosomMesh girls best friend.  I ended up with some really bad funky shadowing (just becuase it is transparent doesn't mean it doesn't cast a shadow at some angles o.O). So here are the implant ready pics :)

Come check out this great hunt and other sexiness at Gatherings
More colors coming soon!
What I am wearing:
Shape: Custom
Skin: SPANKED Light (custom)
Hair: Truth Sia Ivory
Lingerie : Gatherings
Implants: Lola Naturals

Friday, October 19, 2012

Itty Bitty Corsets and Halloween Almost Freebies!

Yay! More corsets! These are very fun colorful little corsets for Petites! I used vibrant jewel tones and even threw in some Halloweenieness! I made them not only fun but affordable too. JUST 50L each :)
Oh, and the best news? Like the other Halloween stuffs in my Petites store... the Autumn Plaid and Skeleton Corset are on sale!... just 10L each!

YAY!  Skellies! Right now just 10L at Gatherings for Petites!
Great Autumn Colors and only 10L right now!

Beautiful Rich Vibrant Jewel Tones, the Bitty Corset is only 50L,
mix and match with your favorite pants or skirt.
What I am wearing:
Yabusaka Petites Mesh Avatar (custom skinned)
Hair: [left] Truth Sam (free group gift), [right] Wasabi Pills Petite Anais (Cinnamon)
Corsets: Bitty Corsets from Gatherings
Pants: Black Leather Lowrise from Gatherings (release coming soon!)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dolly Romper

I made the cute little sexy Dolly Romper for Petites, but had no idea how much fun it would be! This outfit snuck up on me and bit me, infecting me with a sense of childish playfulness with a little va-va-vavoom thrown in! Next thing I knew I was skipping around carelessly and then tossing my sweater aside ;).  Yep, the Dolly Romper comes with two versions... one romper and sweater combo and the other with just the suspendered romper! Naughty!  YAY!

The Dolly Romper is available in 4 colors & pairs nicely with the Gatherings
Petites Ultimate Stilettos!

What I am wearing:

Yabusaka Petites Mesh Avatar (custom skinned)
Dolly Romper from Gatherings
GD Petites Ultimate Stilettos (comes in tons of colors!) from Gatherings
Hair: Tameless Bethany (Black & White pack) - I am totally in love with this hair!

Happy Romping!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Itty Bitty Burlesque!

Those of you that follow me know that in the past I released my burlesque corset set for biggies with implant appliers... well I took the time this weekend to do some for Petites!  YAY!  I didn't include implant appliers, but if you have the biggie version of any of these they should match up nicely!

The corset is only the top mesh layer so that you can pair it with bottoms of your chosing!  Have fun mixing and matching!

The Bubble Gum Burlesque Corset is so cute it is good enough to eat!

The Camo Burleque Corset, as well as, the Magenta, Zebra, Cheetah and Cow Print are available in Biggie versions with implant appliers!
What I am wearing:
Petites Mesh Avatar :Yabusaka Petites Mesh Avatar, custom skinned
Hair: [left]  Wasabi Pill Claire (unrigged mesh, resized) ,[right] Truth Sam Copper (free group gift, unrigged mesh resized)
Face Jewlry: ~XTermin8~ Petite Nose Chain + Earring/Cross (moded to make lip piercings!) Check it out on the MP... only 25L$
Corsets and Jeans from Gatherings for Petites
The Petite Burleque Corsets can also be found on the SL Marketplace.... but remember there is a rewards program in world!  The more you spend, the more you save, and the discount NEVER goes away!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

If You Don't Ask...

Recently I have found myself advocating for content creators, including myself.

I believe in asking for what you want, I live my life by that adage. If you don't ask... well you won't get what it is you want.  Remember people cannot read our minds, they cannot correct what is wrong if we don't ask.

There have been a few times where I have gotten wind that a customer was unhappy with a product, when I have contacted them asking what the item is, as I cannot find their purchase history, they cannot tell me what the item is.  Which leaves me no way of correcting the problem. When I continue to ask questions I am told that they have deleted the item. Which to me is simply shocking.  It makes me wonder if this same person would do this with a real life purchase that they are unhappy with.  I know I wouldn't.  If I purchased a sweater or skirt from my favorite store, got home to try it on and found a hole in it... I would certainly take it back and ask for a refund, or replacement.

So why isn't it the same in second life?  If we don't ask... we just waisted our lindens.  It goes beyond that though.  Content creators like and need feedback. It is how we get better.  I am actually thankful when someone finds an error... I feel like a heel, but I am thankful.  I am unfortunately painfully human and I make mistakes, just as all of you do. Most importantly, it means that after I correct the problem I can send out an update, and prevent future customers from having the same problem.

A big part of my second life business is busty clothing and implant appliers. Since we are not all created equally... and that is an understatement in SL... not all appliers will be a perfect fit for every avatar.  Our shapes are all different including height and shoulder width. Our implant sizes are all different and there is some variety within implants. With this in mind I have created a notecard that is in my implant applier items called "Implants-Advanced Users"  which explains how to select the clothing layer of an implant to make small adjustments. So when it comes to implants, there are things that the wearer can do to enhance their experience and enjoyment.

So my long winded point is... ASK. What is the worst that can happen?  You might even be pleasantly surprised by the response. And yes, I am one of those people in the restaurant that asks to have the toast unbuttered and hold the green peppers. Oh, and could I have the egg whites?  I get what I want, the waitress gets a big tip, she probably smiles nicely at the cook and we all have a great day.  I happily go back because ... I asked, and I got what I wanted.

 I want to thank Melissa Yeuxdoux for her recent article "Feedback" in Busted Magazine's October edition, which is worth a read. It reminded me I needed to blog this ;). She has overcome a bit of her shyness regarding asking for what she wants, and I am glad of that.  I hope you all take her cue ;)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oktoberfest Anyone?

When I think of Oktoberfest, I think of the entire month of October... and well all fall to be honest!  Seems like a good excuse to be merry, drink perhaps a bit too much and most of all to socialize with friends! Oktoberfest is actually a 16-day festival that celebrates beer. It is held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany and generally starts in late September  and runs till the first weekend in October.  However, I say in secondlife we can do whatever we want!  These dresses are great fun for role playing and a bit of wenching too!

I realized this morning as I was thinking of what to wear, that I had never featured my dirndl dress :(  So here it is!  I made it for Petites Mesh Avatars, BosomMesh and of course for standard second life avatars with optional implant appliers.


The Pink Dirndl Dress comes with optional bonus clothing layer, chose from brown or tartan bodice!
Available for Petites, BosomMesh or standars second life avatars.
Especially sized for Petites Mesh Avatars, includes Bobby Sock Stilettos and implant appliers for the Busty Petite!

Available in all 5 colors for Petites, also for BosomMesh avatars too!

The Dirndl/Oktoberfest dress for standard secondlife avatars comes with optional implant appliers. This version also includes classic mary janes, thigh high stockings and knee high socks. Wear it with or without sleeves or bust layer (for implants)
To see pictures of other colors and the BosomMesh dress please visit my Flickr or check them out in world at Gatherings mainstore or Gatherings for Petites.  Oh, the BosomMesh is a little bit naughty ;).
What I am wearing:
Missing a few details at the moment but I can tell you that the hair for Biggie pics are both from Truth and the Petites hairs are both from  D!va :)


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Hammies on the Loose!

I recently tripped across the most adorable Hamsters while spending time at my favorite Petites sim! I asked about them and was off to The Arcade to try my luck at Gacha! If you haven't tried Gacha or been to the Arcade you should! After getting my first Dwarf Hamster from the Beetlebones Gacha machine, I tp'd in my bestie Freya and we ... well.... we got carried away. Turns out it is majorly addictive! 

So after getting all Hamsta we went out to police the grid! Check it out ;)

I would love to give you more details about that night... but they were a bit naughty.  Fun was had by all and no Hammies were hurt in the making of these photos.. I can't say the same for the gerbils though! 

Freya on the left is wearing the Fawn Dwarf Hamster (Freya got all the best... she even got the Raisin!)
I am on the right wearing the Parti Silver Dwarf Hamster, my pink wings are resized from the G.F. Petites Fairy outfit.

Make sure you check out The Arcade!  The event is quarterly and ends October 15th!

Oh!  I forgot to mention how I edited this photo, my friend Amethest turned me on to a website  called  Super neat tool, does nifty borders and some fun effects!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Maid

There is something about a maid that makes our imagination run wild.  Wether it is a cute kids story like 'Amelia Bedelia' as suggested by my friend Amethest Peck, who recently blogged it : Apeck's Exposé, or wilder fantasies of cute short skirts and aprons with just the right amount of naughtieness thrown in.  Regardless of where your mind goes when you think maid... I am sure that this outfit will set your mind racing and enhance your second life!

This outfit was a bit of a labor of love, what started as one outfit, quickly evolved to 9 color/pattern combos! (See what happens when I listen to suggestions!) Each outfit gives you the option of wearing the full outfit, or just the apron and panties... or no panties ;).

 I wanted to share it with EVERYONE so I made it for regular sl avatars, included implant appliers, then moved on to mesh avatars including Petites (includes implant appliers!)  and BosomMesh!  I am sure you will be happy with the results!

I have tons of pics to share! 
Remember... all 9 versions are available
in Petites, BosomMesh, and standard SL avatars with optional implant appliers!

Ok, so I admit that I made this one JUST for petite me! But, I am sharing it with all of you!
Available for all avies too ;)

As pictured:

SL Busty Avies [top]:
Skins: Spanked Light (custom) [left], Lighter [right]
Hair: Truth Chelsea Ivory [left], Truth Valeska Espresso [right]

Universal BosomMesh [middle]:
Base Body
Skin: Spanked Lighter
Hair: Lelutka Aphrodite Brunettes-Walnut Whip [right]

Petites Mesh Avatar [bottom]:
Yabusaka Petites Mesh Avatar, custom skinned
Hair: Wasabi Pill Orion Dark Flame

Make sure you check out Amethest's Blog!  Apeck's Exposé The pics are far far cuter than mine!