Thursday, July 12, 2012

All Sizes & Shapes

After a long absence from blogging, I realized it was time that I jump back in!  But what topic? That was the question... sure I had plenty of new products to show... but although I was inspired to make the products (which I will feature in the future), I wasn't as inspired to write about them ;).

But tonight it occured to me! As in real life, we come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Those differences are what makes us beautiful and unique.

Part of the allure of second life is that we get to be any size, shape and color we desire.  We can be 8 feet tall, or itty bitty. We can be super skinny or rotund. And of course we can be our sci-fi fantasy or our favorite cuddly animal. It is truly up to us!

Real life shape and size though can have real life consequences, judgements, and emotions attached.  Without diving too deep into my opinions about this, let it suffice to say that big can be beautiful, as can small.  But in real life their can be health consequences for being obese, and they are very real, if not today then tomorrow.  So put down the mouse and step away from the computer ;). 

However, beauty is perceived. People can see themselves unrealistically (and this can go both ways) and others can have a completely different perception of them, sometimes good and sometimes bad.  Lately I have noticed people saying some very unfair things on the internet about other peoples bodies. Look at the tabloid like blogs... where everyone is anonymous. Tonight I came across this from one of my favorite youtube channels Sourcefed in which they discussed comments posted on a site called  Skinny Gossip  in which pictures of Kate Upton were discussed, saying that she was fat and compared her to a cow.  Think what you want of Kate Upton, she has boobage and is a hottie! The annonimity of the internet and this goes for second life as well, often leads to uncensored and often cruel remarks.  To quote the above video, Lee Neuton says, "we can have loose lips and rude words when we can hide behind the keyboard".

 So.... I say find your beauty within. If you don't like what you see then ask if your view is realistic, or just your own skewed perception. Most importantly, if you don't like it then look inside to see how you can change it!

In second life, we get to be who we want (which I think is where I was originally going with this post) and recently I have changed out of my tall voluptous, and yes busty shape for something itty bitty!  Those of you that know me well, know I don't change my avatar regularly. Unlike my girl Shay ;).  I had bought the Crystal petite avatar from Fallen Gods, quite some time ago and chose to be pink and glowy. I then put it away but recently pulled it back out as petites seem to be everywhere!  If you haven't seen them they are about 1/3 the size of a regular second life avatar and did I say uber cute!  Well now I own 3 versions including one that was custom skinned for me by Shayna Korobase of Spanked.  I am going to post some pics, just to show you how adorable! 

Fallen Gods, Crystal Petite Mesh Avatar in Violet

See I have been inspired!  I have made clothing especially for Petites.
You can find them at Gatherings mainstore!

So far one of my first and favorite dresses, shoes included!