Sunday, December 21, 2014

New Gown at Gatherings... Greta Christmas Edition 50% Off!

Simply stunning! Sheer lace and boning over the bodice is sure to make them do a double take!
Includes Omega and KL Lena appliers, partial mesh skirt panel and two mermaid skirts (sheer and solid) which are optional. Optional gloves with slink glove appliers are also included. Available at Gatherings mainstore at 50% off until Christmas Day!

Oh! I have to share... cause I have been remiss.. 
What I am wearing (besides Gatherings Christmas Greta Gown)
NEW (not yet released) Silk Skin from Spanked... She promises it will be out soon ;)
Slink Becky mesh head, hands
Lelutka Helen Hair in Marilyn (I am loving Lelutka! ... note previous post was Elsa from Lelutka).

Christmas Jenna Lingerie at Gatherings

I totally ♥ the Jenna Lingerie! So incredibly versatile... with 8 options to be Naughty or Nice!

Two Holiday editions... Red & White and Christmas Red & Green. Tons of appliers. Available in Gatherings mainstore and select satellite locations.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Cleavage Celebrates 2 Years! With plenty of gifts for all!

Have I mentioned how much I love the Cleavage Sim!?!  To celebrate there is a huge gift give away and exclusives :) I made my very own Birthday Suit.. In Sheer Latex of course! Enjoy!
The GD Birthday Suit includes appliers for Tango and of course Omega appliers too.. perfect for your mesh body, booties and boobies! Enjoy!
Oh... and you have to pay the vendor 1L... which it refunds immediately ;) Check out the Cleavage website for details on this event. Or just hurry over and grab your gifts and exclusives here.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Vintage Cocktail Dress Exclusive for CC2Y

I have totally been holding out on you! This has been squirreled away in my inventory because I am in love with the combination of cute and classic!
Cleavage Celebrates 2 Years seemed to be the perfect occasion to bring out this personal favorite and share with all of you.  Priced at only 100L too! Of course it is implant friendly and includes the pearl necklace. Grab yours at Cleavage as well as the amazing gifts!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

GD Bustled Gown

A bit of Victorian elegance perfect for romance...  Gatherings Bustled Gown is sure to be a crowd pleaser.. no matter what size crowd ;).
6 color combinations to chose from with 2 gowns and appliers per package
For one week only the Christmas Bustled Gown, as well as the Blue and Silver edition are 50% off at Gatherings mainstore! 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Brrrr.... Cozy up in GD Peplum Sweater Dress

Sooo chilly outside! It is cold on the Cleavage sim.. but the deals are toasty! Tons of events including Going Bust. Gatherings has the perfect cozy Peplum Sweater Dress with texture change hud.
Available in 4 colors with Lolas mesh implant appliers (works with all compatible implants) with texture hud for skirt, giving you options. Additional colors will be available after the Going Bust event ends!

What I am wearing: 
Body: Lola Tangos, Spanked Lighter Skin, Slink hands, custom shape, Magika Mint Hair
Clothing: Gatherings Peplum Mesh Dress

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Jenna Lingerie at Lubbly Jubblies

New, so very sexy and exclusively at Lubbly Jubblies! The Jenna Lingerie has so many options to please any taste ;)
Includes Omega appliers that are compatible with all Tango compatible implants. A total of 8 appliers (3 top options and 5 bottom options) and Slink stocking appliers for any level of naughtiness ;) Eight different color options and all are exclusive at Lubbly Jubblies! Available November 15th to December 13th.
The Jenna Heels are also available both at Lubbly Jubblies and at Gatherings mainstore. Slink High Feet compatible.  
Want more info about Lubbly Jubblies check out the website. 

What I am wearing:
KL Lena Perky Body, Slink high feet, Slink hands, Slink Becky Mesh head. Ploom Carrie Indesive (red) hair. Spanked Lighter Skin.
Gatherings Jenna Lingerie.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

I have to admit....I have a fetish...

I have a secret fetish for latex ;) shhh don't tell! So I combined my favorite bodysuit (you know the zipped one with the cheeks hanging out :-p) with the best latex money could buy and... TADA!
I am pleased to say that I have converted to OMEGA appliers for more compatibility across multiple lines of mesh bodies and body parts... aka asses and boobies ;).  All new items will have Omega appliers, some past releases will be updated as time allows. Omega system works with ALL Lolas mesh implant compatible breasts and gives you an option between bra or clothing layer too! Bodies and asses will require additional drop in scripting available at the Omega mainstore. Check out the Love-n-Lust blog for more information!

 The Gatherings Latex Bodysuit is available in 3 colors at the Going Bust event at the Cleavage Sim! This sidewalk sale is on until October 12th, 2014. Tons of other goodies so make sure you check it out!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

80085 Nerd Hunt is on!

The 80085 (BOOBS for those of you who don't read geek! ;-p) Nerd Hunt is on at Cleavage \o/ September 12th to October 3rd!
With all things Nerdy chic... glasses, pocket protectors... and tiny tees! I made this sweet little crop tee with tons of implant and mesh body options (using the Omega applier system) This is a 1L$ hunt with tons of fun stuff! So run over to Cleavage and get hunting! check out the Cleavage hunt blog for hints!
Oh... and you are looking for the 80085 calculator! 

What I am wearing:
Clothing: Gatherings O Mg Elemental T with glasses - hunt item (more colors will be available in the store AFTER the hunt), Gatherings Magenta Pleated School Girl Skirt
Body: SPANKED skin-lighter day, Makeup- Damned Kiss Me To Death, Hair- Wasabi Pills Akiko Mesh Hair

The Omega applier system works with all Lolas mesh implant friendly implants, it also will work with mesh bodies that have been Omega enabled.  How you ask? Grab the Omega kit for your body type and follow the simple instructions! Kits are 99L per body type... unless you join the group for 99L... and then they are just 1L$ each.  So worth it... because you know you have more than one type of body, right? Check out the Omega blog for more info

Monday, September 1, 2014

Make Me a Princess

We all want to be a Princess... maybe not all the time, but a little fantasy never hurt ;)

The Princess Sequin Trimmed Gown from Gatherings includes optional gloves (with slink appliers!), multiple clothing layers, mesh skirt in 5 standard sizes and optional implant appliers using the Omega Hud ♥ which will work with all Lolas Tango compatible appliers! Yay \o/

What I am wearing:
Gatherings Princess Sequin Trimmed Gown
Body: Lolas Tango Implants, Spanked Lighter skin, Slink Hands (casual and elegant), Blacklace & Damned makeup
Hair: Truth Hair Faye (variety pack)
Jewelry: Cazimi Innara Gold & Peach (1L$ on the MP!... which I seriously forgot till I went to link to it!)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Naughty 101

Wow... I realized this morning that this is my 101th post... Hence the 'Naughty 101' and what better outfit than the Latex Suit~ VERY naughty!
Gatherings Latex Suit in 9 color combinations works very well with most mesh implants, includes 5 standard mesh sizes plus fitted mesh.  Works ONLY with Slink High feet (sold separately). With such great detailing you will be the one giving lessons on naughty! ;)

Get yours at Gatherings mainstore and select satellite locations!

What I am wearing:
Latex Suit by Gatherings
Hair: Magika Stumble (includes the blindfold!)
Skin: Spanked Lighter Day
Feet: Slink High Feet (nails and toenails by David)  Slink Hands (casual and elegant)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

GD BBBF Giftie \o/

Have you been to the new location of BBBF? You should! It is filling up with great new gifts!
I am really pleased to offer this super cute outfit.  It includes mesh boobie appliers, Azz appliers and body appliers! Yep! Shown with Phat Azz and Tangos because they are still my favs, however the KL Lena body is really impressive! Check it out on the marketplace.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lubbly Jubblies- Sweet Sexy Bombshell Dress

I am super excited to be back at Lubbly Jubblies! I have 8 fabulous dress that will be exclusive during the event.. so hurry out and grab them up ;)

The Bombshell dress from Gatherings Designs includes multiple layers, partial mesh skirt, implant appliers as listed and Azz appliers too! Sculpted sleeves are optional ;) Three fun leopard prints and 5 solids \o/

Get yours at Lubbly Jubblies at the Cleavage sim. The event runs until August 13th. Check out the Cleavage website for more info and other great events!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Jams-Wipe Out

We all have our favorite summer jams, those songs that makes you think of warm sunny days, splashing in the water, chilling with your friends and new loves....
I really have too many favorites... but hey summer is all about diving in head first ;-) 
GD Wipe Out~ Surf Kini includes two bottom options 
Includes: appliers for mesh implants (works best with Lolas!) on bra layer
& Cute and Phat Azz, Sking Brazillia  and WowMeh appliers too!
Sooo many options!

More kinis will be coming as I have time! However, this one is an exclusive at Cleavage for the Summer Jams event which runs from June 26th to July 11th.  So hurry over and get it!!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Naughty Girl Next Door... FREE at Boobs, Butts & Beyond!

Yep! A little flirtie naughtiness for free! You will find it at my store at Boobs, Butts & Beyond! Which IF you haven't been... what are you waiting for?  ;)

Naughty Girl Next Door includes mesh sweater with implant appliers (as listed)
 & Azz applier panties (no clothing layer)

Enjoy!  and get yourself over to the event! Did I mention they had Gacha too!? ;)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Action!

Fundraising for Breast Cancer Action is in full swing as part of Boobs, Butts & Beyond!  ALL stores at this amazing event are donating 50-100%  of proceeds from at least one item to Breast Cancer Action.  \o/
100% of proceeds for the Raspberry Lace Cocktail Dress are being donated only at BB&B... so go grab one before May 30th!!  Oh and the top lace shrug can be worn alone... looks great with a pair of jeans if you don't mind a little nippage ;)

Oh! and for those of you that have bought the Jessica Slinky Pink Dress over the past year (since the Think Pink Event) I have already dropped those proceeds into the donation thingy!  Totaling 8000L$! Because YOU rock!!

Pssst... it is still available in Gatherings Mainstore... and all proceeds will still go to Breast Cancer Action ;-)
Want to see how much has been donated so far?  Check out the Serage Event  Fundraising page! As of today they are at over 52,000L$!! 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Back with Boobs, Butts & Beyond!

I'm BACK!  Yes, yes.. long long story... but we will save that for another time! ;) I am sooo happy to be a part of BB&B, a great event with a great goal! Here are my exclusives!

 Lace Cocktail Dress in Red and Nude as well as Raspberry (not shown) include multiple layers offering 3 versions, partial mesh panel and optional appliers for mesh boobies and Phat Azz.  Note the top lace shrug can be worn alone (also has applier) as a top... looks great with a pair of jeans and is a bit naughty ;)  100% of the proceeds for the Raspberry Lace Cocktail dress will go to Breast Cancer Action! Deets later!

Leather Leggings especially and ONLY for Phat Azz :D Priced at just 95L each!  Enjoy!

There is also gacha and a freebie (NEW and naughty) Watch for details... or just get yourself over to Boobs, Butts & Beyond!  This amazing event is going on now until 5/30/2014! \o/ YAY!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Won't You Be My Busty Valentine!? ;)

The Be My Busty Valentine Hunt 2 Opened today!  I am so excited to have taken part in it's organization!
Including my hunt item we have 26 fantastic busty friendly designers, all items are Tango friendly and a bunch with Phat Azz appliers too! This is a gridwide 1L$ hunt, you can find hints and tips on the Enchanced Events website. The hunt starts at Tw@tty C@ke  and then pops over to Gatherings, follow the LMs to your next spot! Happy Hunting!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Rockabilly Jane- Enchanted Rockabilly Hunt

The Enchanted Rockabilly Hunt just started! andI love a good creative challenge! And KaTnipZ has done it again! This time with the Enchanted Rockabilly Hunt...
Fifty fairytail characters with a rockabilly twist... Fairytales gone bad ;)... but in the case of Jane Porter, I see a dame with a MAD crush on Tarzan... she will go to any length to get the attention of her main squeeeeeze, even if it means getting into a little trouble and acting perhaps a bit more helpless than she is ;)

Rockabilly Jane comes with mesh skirt & sleeves (5 standard sizes), alpha, tube top with optional implant appliers, and mesh blue signature tie (mod).

Rockabilly Hunt page with hints: KaTnipZ

What I am wearing:
Rockabilly Jane from Gatherings -5L$ hunt item ... Hint: Jane of the Jungle
Hair: Truth Sadie Gingers (bow was hand modded to match tie)
Skin: Spanked Lightest Day with makeup by Damned (Alice lips)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Rockabilly Sweetheart

More vintage flair and a little rockabilly thrown in with fun textures culminated in The Rockabilly Sweetheart Vintage dresses from Gatherings now at Lubbly Jubblies!
Rockabilly Sweetheart in Red Cherry is exclusive at Lubbly Jubblies and only 100L! Thank my blogger group for choosing it ;-)  These vintage dresses come with dress, optional ruffle and optional implant appliers of course ;)

Also available in Pink Winged Skullies (my personal fav), Pink Plaid Skullies and Red Red Rose! All at Lubbly Jubblies in time to give your sweetheart to a little Valentine's sweetness.  Mid February find them at Gatherings mainstore!

Speaking of Rockabilly... coming soon Enchanted Rockabilly.. an incredibly creative hunt. I have Jane Porter- aka Jane of the Jungle :D I think you are going to love it!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sweet Vintage Cleavage ;)~

Yes, a little play on words.. but who doesn't love Cleavage? Toss in a little vintage flair and sweetness and you have this months line up at Lubbly Jubblies!
The Vintage Cocktail Dress from Gatherings includes 5 standard mesh dresses (plus 5 implant friendly standard sized), 2 alphas (modest and a bit naughty), optional implant appliers as listed and a double strand pearl necklace and post earrings.
Exclusive at Lubbly Jubblies and priced at only 100L My Heart Vintage Cocktail Dress. 
Kiss Me Pink for that sweeter look ;). Also available at Lubbly Jubblies or in Gatherings mainstore. So come grab them up girls! 

What I am wearing:
Dress/jewelry: Gatherings Vintage Cocktail Dresses with jewelry available at Lubbly Jubblies
Hair: Truth Portia in Gingers pack (Pumpkin with roots)
Hands: Slink casual hands

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kiss Me Once... Kiss Me Twice... Come on Pretty Baby...

As I started this blog I couldn't help but think of the Lita Ford song.. "Kiss Me Deadly"! This little number me feel like I can take on the world with a bit of attitude.
The kind of attitude that makes you strut! So strut on over to Lubbly Jubblies or Gatherings mainstore and grab your very own Kiss Me Red Garter Dress and Skirt.  Includes tons of implant appliers as listed. Mesh in 5 standard sizes for both the dress and skirt and  the usual implant friendly mesh... you know with the cut out so fabric doesn't show through between your boobies ;).

Necklace and earrings are part of Gatherings Vintage Cocktail Dress available at Lubbly Jubblies this month!

Friday, January 17, 2014

GD Blushing Dots Vintage Cocktail at GB!

Sweet, fun, retro... The GD Blushing Dots Vintage Cocktail dress is now on sale at Going Bust!
All Vintage Cocktail Dresses are sweet meshie goodness in 5 standard sizes with special implant friendly versions. Includes optional implant appliers, a double strand pearl necklace and post earrings.  While at Going Bust on the Cleavage sim this dress is specially priced at 100L! Hurry sale ends soon!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Red Passion Sales Room... can you feel the heat?

The Red Passion Sales Room is open at KaTnipZ Wonderland!  With tons of items from 50-80L!
The Leather & Lace Bustier in Red, NEW from Gatherings is sure to get their motor running only 80L in the Red Passion Sales Room. 
Feather Boa in Red and Red Hearts is implant friendly (depending on your size of course ;) ) and is copy mod. At only 50L add a little vava voom to any gown!

And finally... rounding out the event. This super sexy Micro Skirt in both Deep Red and Latex Red. Both skirts are available individually for 80L each! 

The event ends soon! So get over to the Red Passion Sales Room to grab up these implant friendly goodies!

After the sale ends these items will be available at regular price at Gatherings mainstore.

Oh... really quick... Hair is ALL from LeLutka! New (yes that is really the name of it) and Josephine. LOVING these hairs!

♥♥♥ Now go get your passion on! ♥♥♥

Friday, January 3, 2014

Cozy Meshie Goodness at Going Bust!

Something about winter makes me want to snuggle into warm fuzzy sweaters, but I love me some dresses! So...I tossed it all into photoshop and look what came out ;-P

Gatherings Mesh Cowl Neck Sweater Dress is sure to warm your heart... and most of your body ;) Warm fuzzy meshie goodness in 2 versions each with a texture change hud (4 coordinating colors of cowl neck sweater) and tons of implant appliers! Yay! \o/

Available NOW through January 6th at Going Bust Sidewalk Sales on the Cleavage Sim for just 100L$ !

Also available at Gatherings mainstore at regular price... but go to Cleavage now! Seriously! And check out the other great sidewalk sales during Going Bust!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mia Sweater with Hud an Exclusive at Big Boobie Bizarre

Hi hi! New Year and I seem to be on a Hud craze! But that is good right?! The first set is Exclusive at Big Boobie Bizarre and at a very special price!

Oh, speaking of special prices... There are three GD Leotards with ad on phat azz appliers at Big Boobie Bizarre for very special prices...
 Each of the Leotards are ONLY 75L$ at BBB. You can get the optional Phat Azz applier for 25L$ per color. Additional colors available in Gatherings mainstore at regular prices.

While at Big Boobie Bizarre make sure you check out the other great busty vendors, Midnight Madness boards, gachas and lucky chairs!