Saturday, October 13, 2012

If You Don't Ask...

Recently I have found myself advocating for content creators, including myself.

I believe in asking for what you want, I live my life by that adage. If you don't ask... well you won't get what it is you want.  Remember people cannot read our minds, they cannot correct what is wrong if we don't ask.

There have been a few times where I have gotten wind that a customer was unhappy with a product, when I have contacted them asking what the item is, as I cannot find their purchase history, they cannot tell me what the item is.  Which leaves me no way of correcting the problem. When I continue to ask questions I am told that they have deleted the item. Which to me is simply shocking.  It makes me wonder if this same person would do this with a real life purchase that they are unhappy with.  I know I wouldn't.  If I purchased a sweater or skirt from my favorite store, got home to try it on and found a hole in it... I would certainly take it back and ask for a refund, or replacement.

So why isn't it the same in second life?  If we don't ask... we just waisted our lindens.  It goes beyond that though.  Content creators like and need feedback. It is how we get better.  I am actually thankful when someone finds an error... I feel like a heel, but I am thankful.  I am unfortunately painfully human and I make mistakes, just as all of you do. Most importantly, it means that after I correct the problem I can send out an update, and prevent future customers from having the same problem.

A big part of my second life business is busty clothing and implant appliers. Since we are not all created equally... and that is an understatement in SL... not all appliers will be a perfect fit for every avatar.  Our shapes are all different including height and shoulder width. Our implant sizes are all different and there is some variety within implants. With this in mind I have created a notecard that is in my implant applier items called "Implants-Advanced Users"  which explains how to select the clothing layer of an implant to make small adjustments. So when it comes to implants, there are things that the wearer can do to enhance their experience and enjoyment.

So my long winded point is... ASK. What is the worst that can happen?  You might even be pleasantly surprised by the response. And yes, I am one of those people in the restaurant that asks to have the toast unbuttered and hold the green peppers. Oh, and could I have the egg whites?  I get what I want, the waitress gets a big tip, she probably smiles nicely at the cook and we all have a great day.  I happily go back because ... I asked, and I got what I wanted.

 I want to thank Melissa Yeuxdoux for her recent article "Feedback" in Busted Magazine's October edition, which is worth a read. It reminded me I needed to blog this ;). She has overcome a bit of her shyness regarding asking for what she wants, and I am glad of that.  I hope you all take her cue ;)

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