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Gatherings came about after much floundering in second life. As in real life we all need to find ourselves, learn, grow and move on. I have been in SL for about 5 years, and I have definetely found my passion. My and my partners love for having friends over is the orgin for my store name, Gatherings, which started as a furniture store, grew into accessories, and then clothing! My goal still remains to provide great furniture and clothing for all of your Gatherings, wether an intimate occassion or a big party!
Gatherings specializes in clothing, accessories and furniture for a variety of avatars including Petites Mesh Avatars, Universal Implants BosomMesh and of course standard second life avatars, especially those with implants!  I try to cater to all implant wearers, even petites with implants!
The store is located at a beautiful tropical paradise that is available for everyone's enjoyment.  Once you reach the store please use the teleport system to reach the furniture store as well as the Petites store!  Petites can also be reached via a direct landmark!

Where to find Gatherings:

Gatherings mainstore for Clothing including Implant Appliers, BosomMesh and shoes. You may also teleport to furniture from the mainstore.
Gatherings for Petites has clothing, shoes, accessories and furniture.
Gatherings on the Marketplace

 Customer Service

I pride myself on taking care of my customers and offering the best possible quality and all packages are complete as advertised. However, I am human and do work a full time job.  If you find that something is not to your liking, you are missing an item from the package, permissions are not as stated or a texture seems to not be quite right, please contact me.  I will help you in any way that I can and do my best to make things right. 
If you do not contact me, then I am unable to help  you, which does us both a diservice. When customers chose to delete the item and not contact a creator they are doing both the creator and themselves a diservice as well, when the problem could have easily been fixed.
I have included a notecard about adjusting implant clothing to your needs as not all bodies and implant sizes are standardized. Please read this card and then contact me if you are still having difficulty.

Contacting Me 

My in world IMs are almost always capped.  Notecards work best, if you do not know how to create a notecard please check my profile pics inworld for instructions. You may also email me.

Thank You!

Thank you to all my loyal customers, friends and supporters.  Without you my quality would not continue to improve or my variety of products. Although second life offers me the freedom to express my visions for furniture and fashion, it is all of you that make it possible to keep going. So my biggest heartfelt thanks to all of you!

Big Busty Hugs and Itty Bitty Kisses!

Stacia Zabaleta
Creator, Owner
Gatherings Designs

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