Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dirty Pillow Hunt 2 at GD

Hi hi! Sooo excited to once again be a part of The Dirty Pillow Hunt!!

The Dirty Pillow Hunt is a grid wide hunt sponsored by Que Bella (which is the starting point ☺) and features lingerie and sleep wear from 50 implant friendly stores!  ALL items are free! YAY!

GD Hint? I am a box that hold keys without locks, I cannot open a door, yet I can unlock great emotion in you with the touch of your hands.

The Gatherings Blue Pearl Lingerie features a sheer cami with panties and an optional flirt skirt, implant appliers (Lolas Tango, Mirage, 2.5; Lush, B-busty, iBoobs, Sinful Needs, Icon) *note the Lolas 2.5 work with multiple older implants but will need some adjusting (ie foxbean, ecorp). OH! and phat azz appliers are included!  YAY!

Official Dirty Pillow Hunt Hints  Also hints can be found in each store!

What I am wearing:
Gatherings Blue Pearl Lingerie
Magika Stumble (I recolored the blindfold)
Damned Kiss Me to Death #11 with eyemakeup
Spanked Skins Lighter with Phat Azz appliers
Slink Hands Elegant 1 and Casual, Nails Hello David Colours 2 nail hud

Monday, October 28, 2013

Shall We Dance? A perfect pairing

I recently had the opportunity to do a photoshoot for my friend Freya Dragonash, the owner of Freya's Ironworks. She is a clothing and furniture designer much like me, but specializes in men's clothing- something secondlife needs more of!!

While I took some shots of just men's clothing, I couldn't help but pair it with some of my gowns and dresses! I hope you like the results!

Freya's Ironworks men's tuxedo with colored lapels (red) paired with Gatherings Carmen Sequin in red with the theatrical opera skirt.

Carmen Sequin in Red shown here with the pencil skirt and matching sequin shoes.
The second photo I entitled "Wait", something about this pose was erotic but frightening....

I love this photo! I did a series of these and had a hard time picking which was my fav. The Men's Cruiser Jacket comes in a variety of colors and includes two shirt styles, one pinstripe and the other solid. It has incredible detail and style! I paired it with the Men's Mesh Jeans in Black (they come in straight leg, bootcut and skinny) and the shoes are borrowed from the Tuxedo! Oh, and the dress?  It is Gatherings Slinky Jessica Dress in Grape with implant appliers.

So head over to Freya's Ironworks and dress up your favorite man!

Other details:
I used Lumipro for the shadowing and lighting effects, windlight set to 9pm
ALL poses from Exposeur! Sorry I don't remember the names of them all! But they are certainly my 'go to' pose place!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bewbstock! Love, Peace and Bewbies!

Bewbstock is here and I am so excited to offer my own little slice of peace, love and bewbies in this lovely Boho meshie skirt and matching implant friendly top! Available in 6 color combinations exclusively at Bewbstock along with a ton of other goodies in my store there.

So get yourself over to Bewbstock!  Sooo much Love, Peace and Bewbies! from 50 stores! yes, seriously!

What I am wearing:
GD Boho Skirt and top (6 colors), Boho mesh sandals with Hud sold separately
Hair: Magika Moment (naturals)
Skin: Spanked Lighter, custom makeup 

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Great Pumpkin!

Ah!  The Great Pumpkin!  I love pumpkins and carving Jack OO lanterns.. oops typo, I think that makes them Jackie Boobie Lanterns ;P. Tee hee!  I had tons of fun carving out this outfit :D Includes Mesh Corset, Mesh boots and skirt, Pumpkin hat and boobie covers!

Currently available at Gatherings mainstore.

What I am wearing:
Gatherings Great Pumpkin: Corset, Skirt, Boots (all meshie) with pumpkin hat and boobie covers
Hair:  Truth Bunny in Pumpkin (yes really!)
Implants: Lolas! Tango
Skin: Spanked Lighter with custom makeup from Damned and Blacklace

For more costume goodness see this post: Quite a Busty Buzz

Friday, October 18, 2013

Autumn Fairy

This sweet gown was a labor of love for a friend who pushed me to create it for a very special event. Sometimes we need a little shove to create something ;P

Includes a ton of implant appliers in two colors, 15 interchangeable skirts(sheer, solid, with and without leaves), flexi wings and Laurel headpiece in 3 different colors... Like I said labor of love, and i went a bit overboard ;)

Currently available at Cleavage Lubbly Jubblies event ONLY!


What I am Wearing:
Gatherings Autumn Fairy Corset Gown
Lelutka Hair Lorella 
Shoes GD Color change strappy sandals

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

So Much Cleavage!

GD Mermaid Gown Burnt by Stacia Zabaleta
GD Mermaid Gown Burnt, a photo by Stacia Zabaleta on Flickr.
New for Lubbly Jubblies at Cleavage. Show all your cleavage with this mermaid gowns plunging backline, and hugging silhouette! Available in 8 colors (7 of which are at Lubbly Jubblies, the 8th will be released ONLY at Gatherings mainstore).

Includes appliers for Tangos & B-Busty (bra layer only) and Phat Azz appliers too! Includes partial mesh inset for that curve hugging silhouette!

Burnt is an exclusive to Lubbly Jubblies, Samba Red will be an exculsive to Gatherings Designs mainstore! Enjoy!

Oh and optional phat pak of matching gloves in 8 colors available with Slink hands tattoo hud!

What I am Wearing:
Gatherings Mermaid Gown in Burnt with Phat Azz, Gatherings Gloves with Slink Hands Tattoo Hud
Skin: Spanked Lighter with custom makups
Hair: Truth Jaunuary Ivory with roots
Jewelry: Silent Woods Jheris Obsidian Necklace and earrings. Really nice and only 59 & 29L!

Friday, October 11, 2013

I Can Wait All Day

I Can Wait All Day by Stacia Zabaleta
I Can Wait All Day, a photo by Stacia Zabaleta on Flickr.
I needed to take a break today from designing, sooo many events for October! I had put this Purple Lace Jessica Gown on last night (It is currently exclusive at Bewbapalooza!), slipped into a pair of long sleek gloves and couldn't help but think I needed to capture this moment!

Thanks to a little Lumipro help ;) and a tiny bit of photoshop to set the mood (seriously really just gausian blur and a pinch of overlay (set at 15%)) the mood was set!

Oh the gloves are currently part of the Busty Burlesque Bee and Lady Burlesque Bug with Slink hands! I promise to package them separately as soon as I can!!

I love the plunge of this gown, I entitled this shot "Follow me..."  and who wouldn't ;)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sleek fall warmth at Gatherings

How I looove pencil skirts, the warmth of a tight soft cable knit sweater to snuggle into and fall colors.

With that in mind I created these mesh Cowl Sweaters in fall colors like Acacia Purple with alichen green skirt, Vivacious Pink and charcoal or Mykonos Blue with a Turbulence grey/blue skirt. I also added Samba Red (my new Logo color! and Koi with Loden Green, as it seemed so festively fall! Available right now for only 100L$ at the Going Bust sidewalk sales going on now at the Cleavage sim. Note because this is already discounted GD rewards do not apply (it is a vendor thing which I cannot change :( sorry!).

The skirt is partial mesh and like the skirt comes in 5 standard sizes! The shoes are not included but available separately at GD mainstore!

What I am wearing:

Gatherings Cowl Sweater & Pencil skirt (available in 6 colors)
Gatherings Bianca light color change shoes
Truth Sassy 2 Ivory hair with roots
Slink hands (elegant and casual)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Quite a Busty Buzz!

GD Busty Burlesque Bee by Stacia Zabaleta
GD Busty Burlesque Bee, a photo by Stacia Zabaleta on Flickr.
Bzzzz! When I recently wore this outfit the puns kept rolling off of tongues... Stacia you are creating quite a Buzz... You can tell Stacia has been drinking, she is very Buzzed.... Look at the Boo bees! Stacia you are unBeeleviably sexy....That Phat Azz gives you quite a nice Beehind... they went on and on and on...*giggles*

Sooo the Burlesque Bugwuggies are finally being released, some of you have seen them in their earlier stages and thanks for the push to get me to release them! (and no technically neither are actually bugs or in the bug family but that is the science geek in me coming out... shhhh)

I have always been a fan of lady bugs, they seem so cute and gentle, but are actually quite voracious hunters!

Both include multiple clothing layers, fishnet stockings (tattoo only), sculpty chest, arm, hip ruffles and the flexi train as well. Antenna, wings, necklace, hair and shoulder pets. Appliers for Lolas Tango/Mirage, Lush, B-busty, and iBoobs mesh. PLUS Phat Azz appliers and Slink for gloves and stockings! Gloves come in 2 versions too! YAY!

These costumes are available at Bewbapalooza, Cleavage and Gatherings mainstore.

What I am wearing:

Gatherings Busty Burlesque Bee and Lady Burleque Bug
Wasabi Pills Veronica Hair (Seafoam and Rouge)
Slink Hands Elegant/Casual with Gatherings Slink Gloves and Slink Feet mid with Gatherings Fishnet Stockings
Lolas! Tangos with Spanked Lighter Skin with custom makeups

Friday, October 4, 2013

New Jessica Gown in Lace at Bewbapalooza!

October is upon us and welcome to Haunted BeWbAPaLoOZa! \o/ YAY!

This round I have revamped one of my most popular gowns. The Jessica gown, of course ;), that defies gravity with it's low plunging back and sweeping skirt... you will wonder how it stays up! It is super sexy and one look will tell you why it is aptly named the Jessica Gown...

Available in 6 lace patterns, with a VERY special price on the Purple Lace (EXCLUSIVE to Bewba!) and the Halloween version too!

What I am wearing:
Mesh Jessica Gown in Lace from Gatherings
Skin: Spanked Lighter Skin
Boobies:  Lolas! Tango
Hair:  Truth Tanya Espresso, Wasabi Pills Veronica Chocolate (comes in a boobs version!)
Jewelry: Dahlinks- Wrapped Back Drop Pearl Choker- Black Sheen, Bracelet & Earrings *League* Pearls & Lace (recolored)
Eyelashes Gaeline Utopia Mesh Eyelashes

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Knit Bandeau & Halloweenieness!

I am a bad girl! I totally forgot to blog the newest item, GD Knit Bandeau, which was released last week at the Gone Bust sidewalk sales! Hope you grabbed it! It is available in 6 colors plus a special Halloweenie edition- Pumpkin Skellies!

Meshie goodness in 5 standard sizes with optional appliers for Lolas Tangos and B-busty (also works well with iBoobs).

Available now in Gatherings Designs Mainstore!

More Halloween goodies coming soon! Tons of events and hunts in October too! So stay tuned!