Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Hammies on the Loose!

I recently tripped across the most adorable Hamsters while spending time at my favorite Petites sim! I asked about them and was off to The Arcade to try my luck at Gacha! If you haven't tried Gacha or been to the Arcade you should! After getting my first Dwarf Hamster from the Beetlebones Gacha machine, I tp'd in my bestie Freya and we ... well.... we got carried away. Turns out it is majorly addictive! 

So after getting all Hamsta we went out to police the grid! Check it out ;)

I would love to give you more details about that night... but they were a bit naughty.  Fun was had by all and no Hammies were hurt in the making of these photos.. I can't say the same for the gerbils though! 

Freya on the left is wearing the Fawn Dwarf Hamster (Freya got all the best... she even got the Raisin!)
I am on the right wearing the Parti Silver Dwarf Hamster, my pink wings are resized from the G.F. Petites Fairy outfit.

Make sure you check out The Arcade!  The event is quarterly and ends October 15th!

Oh!  I forgot to mention how I edited this photo, my friend Amethest turned me on to a website  called  Super neat tool, does nifty borders and some fun effects!

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