Sunday, August 25, 2013

Teachers Change the World... and you get to benefit ;-) 50% Sale!

Teachers Change the World One Child at A Time ..... or Adult ;)

Teachers are often overlooked and under appreciated!  We ALL have a story of at least one teacher who has made a huge difference in our life! In some cases these 'teachers' are not found in traditional schools. Perhaps it was a mentor at a job that sparked your interest, fueled your fire and showed you unseen possibilities. A music,art or creative writing teacher that brought out your potential and allowed  you to see your creative side, hear your inner voice and learn how to express it. A grandparent who shared traditions with you that sparked an interest in pursuing a career in fashion, food or design, or maybe encouraged you to spread your wings and fly far from the nest. A coach who pushed you harder and faster than you thought was ever possible, making you think you might break, but looking back seeing you didn't, knowing they had your back, allowing you to break barriers.

I have had been fortunate to have experienced all of these situations and am thankful for the experience and to every 'teacher' that pushed me, pulled me, pimped me (it is a medical thing... they didn't actually pimp me out! XP). I am mostly thankful that they cared enough to give of themselves.

Most of us ARE teachers, in some way.  If not we should be.  We learn by teaching and benefit so dearly by giving.  So with that in mind... I decided to give a little to all of you!

Look for the Teachers Change the World One Child at A Time apple on select vendors.  They are located on clothing items on the 1st and 2nd floor. MANY items are 50L$ or less!

The sale will end by the end of the week ;-)  So hurry in to Gatherings.

There are 35+ clothing items 50% off at Gatherings Mainstore.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

School Girl Addition

Time to do your arithmetic and add these skirts to your wardrobe!  Back to school is just around the corner!  I recently posted pics of the new School Girl Outfit from Gatherings that is available in the mainstore, as well as, Bewbapalooza (August).  The outfit has been a huge success and I am happy to add additional pleated skirts in tons of fun fabrics from traditional tweed and herringbone to retro dots!

Shown here four warm woolly herringbone patterns for those crisp autumn days when you still want to show your school colors ;)

A mix of cotton, tartans and tweeds each sold individually, each with 5 standard meshie sizes.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cora- Simple elegance, refined details

Gatherings Mesh Cora Gown features a drop waist with a slightly flaired skirt. Available in multiple hues and fabrics, chose from Red, Midnight, Ash, Teal, Purple, Green, and Bruised. Includes appliers as listed including Lolas!Tango and mesh in 5 standard sizes with an implant friendly version included with a special 'cut out' so as not to interfere with your abundant cleavage ;).

Available at Gatherings  mainstore.

So I have to mention, although I made jewelry for a version of this gown that is yet unreleased, I kept eyeing jewelry from GeWunjo on the marketplace. I am so happy with the purchases and am thankful that they offer demos too! If it weren't for that I wouldn't have spent the Lindens, cause once I tried a dozen different designs I was hooked... I simply loved them all! I held back and only purchased 4 pieces, but I will be back for more!

What I am wearing:
Gatherings Mesh Cora Gown in Red
Lelutka- Magdelin (Browns Pack)
GwWunjo Rubia Necklace and Earrings

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gatherings School's You ;)

I am sooo excited to show you this new School Girl Outfit! I spent alot of time on this one but am sooo happy with it! So check it out!

Gatherings School Girl Outfit is available for the August round of Bewbapalooza! Just in time for your back to school shopping ;)

Live out your fantasies or just be adorable and sexy!

Includes sweater with built in tiny button up on multiple layers with sculpted sleeves and collar (there is also an implant friendly layer so no show through!), and appliers for Lolas! Tango, Lush and B-Busty.

The tie and shoes are unrigged mesh (copy/mod). The Mesh School Girl pleated skirt is in 5 standard sizes. Just touch the vendor for a skirt demo :-). Available in 5 color combinations (pssst check out the raspberry and blue at Bewba... Big BIG sale... shhhh ... tell everyone! hehe)

Check it out at Bewba!

It will be available at Gatherings Mainstore with some add on skirt options starting next week!

What I am wearing:
Gatherings School Girl Outfit (Red/Khaki)
Spanked Skin with Lolas! Tango implants
Sexy Mamas Hud controlled nails (I should mention these more often!  They are my 'go to' nails!)
Ploom Raichu hair (Blondes pack) Hair Fair 2013

A little Lumipro fun prior to the ad photoshoot... have I mentioned I LOVE Lumipro!?  LOL