Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Maid

There is something about a maid that makes our imagination run wild.  Wether it is a cute kids story like 'Amelia Bedelia' as suggested by my friend Amethest Peck, who recently blogged it : Apeck's Exposé, or wilder fantasies of cute short skirts and aprons with just the right amount of naughtieness thrown in.  Regardless of where your mind goes when you think maid... I am sure that this outfit will set your mind racing and enhance your second life!

This outfit was a bit of a labor of love, what started as one outfit, quickly evolved to 9 color/pattern combos! (See what happens when I listen to suggestions!) Each outfit gives you the option of wearing the full outfit, or just the apron and panties... or no panties ;).

 I wanted to share it with EVERYONE so I made it for regular sl avatars, included implant appliers, then moved on to mesh avatars including Petites (includes implant appliers!)  and BosomMesh!  I am sure you will be happy with the results!

I have tons of pics to share! 
Remember... all 9 versions are available
in Petites, BosomMesh, and standard SL avatars with optional implant appliers!

Ok, so I admit that I made this one JUST for petite me! But, I am sharing it with all of you!
Available for all avies too ;)

As pictured:

SL Busty Avies [top]:
Skins: Spanked Light (custom) [left], Lighter [right]
Hair: Truth Chelsea Ivory [left], Truth Valeska Espresso [right]

Universal BosomMesh [middle]:
Base Body
Skin: Spanked Lighter
Hair: Lelutka Aphrodite Brunettes-Walnut Whip [right]

Petites Mesh Avatar [bottom]:
Yabusaka Petites Mesh Avatar, custom skinned
Hair: Wasabi Pill Orion Dark Flame

Make sure you check out Amethest's Blog!  Apeck's Exposé The pics are far far cuter than mine!

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