Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tangos Update Day 3

Today was CrazzZzy!  However... I got two versions of one gown done today :) The Brocade Gowns with Lingerie.. double the appliers.  I forgot how much I love this gown!  It is totally mix and match so you can wear the lingerie top with the gown bottom, or the gown top with the lingerie bottom ;).

The Brocade Gowns include multiple layers for mixing and matching, Choice of garters, chemise bottom, gown bottom, gown top or lingerie top.  Appliers for both gown and lingerie, now with Tango appliers :) Sculpty pumps included.

Have I mentioned how much I love Looove LOOOVE Lolas! Tango boobies? Well I really do!  I put on my favorite suit a few days ago (will be updated soon) and snapped a pic.

Other than a border... this is an unedited pic! Sooo YAY Tangos & Spanked skins for making it so seemlessly perfect!

Sooo... HOW do you get your Tango Appliers!?  If you have purchased these outfits in the past come to the mainstore and touch the Redelivery kiosk. Chose the outfit and it will be redelivered :D It is that simple!

Gowns and suit available at Gatherings

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tangos Update Day 2 at Gatherings!

Here we go!  Four designs updated to Tangos!  Have I mentioned how much I love the Lolas Tango boobies!?!?!  The gowns are almost finished which makes me really happy.

Come and get these gowns if you don't have them, and if you already purchased them then touch the inworld redelivery kiosk next to the mainstore entrance to get your updates!  Please look for the Lolas (t/n/p).. Tango natural pushup.  Sounds like code, feel like I should throw a charlie and delta in their too!  Hey, it is late and I am way beyond tired ;) Silly has set in!

Soooo sneak peek at the updated gowns (realize none of these feature Tangos because I am waaay too lazy to reshoot pics and you would never get updates ;).

The Sparkle Gown is available in 6 colors: Ebony, Burnt, Grape, Tarnished, Chocolate and Blush, it includes Tango appliers, as well as those listed.

Wedding Gowns for Tangos!

Wedding Gowns with tons of options, mix and match skirts, different lengths of veil, all to make your special day perfect!  Now with Lolas! Tango appliers.

Sequin Plunge Gowns with jewelry available in 3 colors for Lolas Natural and Tangos, also Ecorp appliers.

Ok, beddie time.. more tomorrow ;) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tango and Gatherings Update!

Whew!  Second life has been hectic.. this is suppose to be the place we come to to relax, right?! ;)

I have been busy building my store & the park area in front of Gatherings mainstore in our newly revamped beautiful city sim, Okeanides. I finally took a break and plopped down on a bench and passed out! I hope you will come and take a look around, there is soo much to do.  The Box is being redesigned, there is a new Milk Made and Moo club... wait for it... Deja Moo!  I LOOOVE that name. There are tons of city streets to cruise on foot, car or motorcycle.  A new furry club is being put in, and tons of new shopping experiences coming soon! 

Soooo TANGOs! 

Today I finally hopped on my pose stand and started making the Tango appliers.  I am soo happy with the results! Right now I have two outfits done... and more coming daily.  My goal is to get at least one done per day.  I encourage notecards of what outfits you want Tango Appliers for!  So send me an inworld notecard or see the About Gatherings page to email me!

I didn't reshoot the pics but did add to the fine print. Clothing with Tangos will be denoted by Lolas (t/n/p) vs. the old Lolas.

The Sleek Plunge Gown now available with Lolas! Tango Appliers is available in Crimson, Charcoal, Grape, Raspberry and Chocolate.

 The Cheongsam Asian Dress is available in 6 colors including Jade, Red, Teal, Ebony, Rose and Blue.  Also now includes Lolas! Tango Appliers \o/
Sooo... HOW do you get your Tango Appliers!?  If you have purchased these outfits in the past come to the mainstore and touch the Redelivery kiosk. Chose the outfit and it will be redelivered :D It is that simple!
More to come... I promise ;).

Friday, November 30, 2012

BeWbaPaLoOZa is here... well almost ;)

Yep!  BeWbaPaLoOZa is opening it's doors tonight at Midnight!  Yay \o/ I am sooo excited about this event that I keep gushing about it to my friends.. they got tired of hearing about it so here I am blogging it ;D.

There are 15 Bewbie stores in this round, each round goes for one month and many of the stores have exclusive and freebie items so make sure you pop over!

So what have I got for ya?  Take a look!  All items are meshies & can be worn with or without appliers! First of many items with Lolas! Tango appliers! YAY!

 Gatherings Corset Gown is currently available in 6 color/fabric combinations, includes full gown, appliers, separate skirt and corset allowing for mixing and matching your favorite skirt and corset! The corset can be worn separately, the skirt in cinched at the waist to give you an hour glass shape, it does not work alone. More separates will be available soon!

The Christmas Corset Gown is available at BeWbaPaLoOZa for 50% off!  So hurry over and get it! Mwah!

The Peplum Dress is available in 4 color/fabric combinations and includes coordinating multi-layered pearls and pearl broach. Pictured with Gatherings Bianca Platform Pumps.

 Shown with Lolas! Tango implants (right) but works with all implants mentioned and without too! Shown with my favorite Red Polka Dot Bianca Platform Pumps :)

I can't help but love this picture, seems to me there is a naughty secretary hiding underneath ;)

So that's it for BeWbaPaLoOza!  Please come and check it out and support the great creators featured! 

What I am wearing:
Gatherings Mesh Corset Gown:
Hair: [LeLutka]-Magdalen - Powder [right] and Magika Volume naturals pack [left]
Skin: Spanked Lighter
Eyes: FateEyes, GA (Gaeline Creations) mesh lashes -Utopia
Jewelry:  Cazimi Diantha Flower set (earrings, necklace, bracelets-72 color/textures to chose from!) LOOVE this set!  Also Maxi Gossamer Pearl Strands (all but cotton candy pic)
Christmas Gown Jewelry: *League* Pearls & Lace Jewellery Set -Natural Ivory- moded- I retextured it ;)
Implants: Lolas! Tango with Spanked skin appliers

Gatherings Mesh Peplum Dress:
Hair: Truth Delia- Pumpkin and Truth Portia-Ivory
Skin: Spanked Lightest and lighter
Shoes: Gatherings Bianca Pumps (Includes Light and Dark color change, Red Polka Dot, and snake skin! Also in stores Cow, cheetah, tiger and zebra print)
Eyeglasses: Gatherings

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Polar Petite's Hunt is coming!

Yay!  Another hunt!  This time for my beloved Petites!  What are we hunting?  Well it seems we are hunting the mighty (although endangered o.O) Polar Bear!  Rrrrawwwrrr! The organizers have created a spear that will notify you when you are close to the hunt object... which is actually a cute and tiny polar bear. Good thing they are just pixels! *giggles*

*side note ;)  I can't help myself of my undergrads is in Environmental Biology... I am secretly a tree huger and lover of all things living so here it is... more info on Polar Bears on the Endangered Species List.  Ok.. getting off my soap box! ;)

I thought it would be fun to throw a little twist on Rudolph and give you Rhonda too!

Rudolph & Rhonda Reindeer includes antlers, red glowing nose, scarf
and clothing as pictured (shoes, hair and mesh avatar not included)

Big thanks to my friend Forrest for hanging out with me and the bear! Mwah!

The Polar Petite's Hunt starts November 15th and goes through December 15th.  The hunt does have a cost of 5L.  However, if you feel you cannot afford the lindens, please let me know ;).

What we are wearing:
Forrest: Fallen Gods Male Petites Elves (tan), Hair: Amacci Jake (black) resized, Clothing: Gatherings Rudolph Reindeer

Me: Yabusaka Female AV1, custom skinned, Hair: Wasabi Pills Petite Anais (iceberg)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Petites & Biggies Unite!

Hmmm... Is unite the right word?  Come together, gather, aggregate, congregate, amass... you get the idea! I love being a petite although most of my dearest friends in second life are not, or rarely.  So I created seating that lets us share some special one on one time!

The Petite & Biggie Trellis Bench is mesh. It has a super low land impact (3-4LI!) and is packed with 44 animations ! There are 3 interactive sits/cuddles and loads more solo sits that do not overlap allowing for great rp and hang time! Includes 15 petite only animations and 23 biggie animations.  This uses a non-poseball system that has adjustable positions that can be saved for each avatar.

The Trellis Bench has 2 versions in each pack, with and without Ivy which changes the land impact (3 and 4 respectively). The Ivy version is shown below in the blue and golden.
Note that these benches are copy! Meaning you can rez them at home, a friends, 
your favorite hang out... assuming you have rez permissions of course ;) 
And with such a low land impact... why not! 
So grab some one on one time with your favorite biggie or petite!

 Check it out in world at Gatherings Petites!

Fairy Pretty!

Those of you who know me well, know that I am a real life pixie ;)... or so I am told.  I embrace the inner fairy and pixie with zeal!  I think that is why I love this new gown so much.  I spent a great deal of time putting this together, so I hope you love it as much as I do!

The Fairy Corset Gown comes with seven, (yes really!), seven skirts to mix and match, a cute pair of butterfly wings and implant appliers for both the standard second life avatar and petites!  I also did a BosomMesh release too!

Available in 4 color combinations with optional implant appliers as listed. 

Shown with Gatherings Strappy Laced Color Change Sandal

Petites includes clothing layer, 7 skirt layers, chest ruffle and wings
Includes optional implant appliers

Fairy Corset Gown for BosomMesh also available in 4 colors, 
includes clothing layers for all seven mesh bodies.

What I am wearing:
Skin (all pictures) from SPANKED
Hair: D!va Manon (totally resizable and menu controlled headband and jewels!)
Fairy Corset Gown and Strappy Laced Color Change Sandals from Gatherings

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Getting Meshie! Implants and Mesh, the Perfect Combo..

I finally took the leap to combine Mesh and Implants! I am sooo tickled with the results too! I have a lot in the works, but this is the first set of releases... I thought it was time for a warm cozy sweater... ok maybe not that warm, but you get the idea.  I paired the sweaters with a great pair of mesh Trouser Jeans too! 

All of these items are available at Gatherings.

 Gatherings Mesh Nordic Sweater pictured with Lola implants for a little extra vavoom!

Look no implants!  Who knew?! ;)

Gatherings Nordic Crop Sweater is available in 4 colors, includes all 5 standard sizes
Optional implant appliers included (without on the left, with Lolas on right)

 Perfect pairing, Gatherings Mesh Trouser Jeans
What I am wearing:
Gatherings Mesh Nordic Sweater & Black Mesh Trouser Jeans. Shoes unreleased from Gatherings.
Hair: (braided) Truth Cheyene Ivory w/roots (boobie friendly if you have small implants), (messy updo) Truth Evelyn, (bottom) Magika Flourish
Promise more Meshie goodness soon!  Want a hint? Think casual business wear and evening gowns ;)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I've Come Undone

Just wanted to share some Petites newness with you!  I have really been loving separates for Petites because mixing and matching is always fun! I am a sucker for rich jewel tones and for leather pants... gosh, I don't know why! ;)  So with that in mind...

Leather pants in both skinny and flared at Gatherings Petites
available in Black, Red, Magenta, Green, and Brown


Gatherings Petites Undone Crop Top available in 9 colors! All reasonably priced at 50L!

These Undone Crop Tops from Gatherings Petites are separates,
meaning you can mix and match with your favorite bottoms!

Oh, and there are new Lucky Chairs! They are located inside of the Gatherings Petites main store! Includes several of the Undone tops, corsets, leather pants, and a few dresses too!