Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stump Love continued!

I am so proud and tickled to announce that the Adult version of Stump Love (see previous feed) won the Petite Adult SeXXXpo big huge prize of 10,000L$... yep!  Really!! Support for it has been astounding and I am so pleased that it has been so well received!  Big thanks for Jez and Torty at Elysian Valley for all of their hard work on making this weeks events so awesome!  There are a ton of events still to come... make sure you stop by! There is prize money, gift cards (yes, some from yours truly) and lots of great prizes!

Since not ALL petites are so naughty... I decided to release the PG version of the Love Stump :).  It has 54 animations including solo sit and lay anims, cuddles and kisses.  I think you will be really pleased with it not only aesthetically, but as a great place to hang out with your loved one or chill alone.  And I have to say, the photo ops are endless :D.

Find it at Gatherings mainstore.

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