Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bloggers 'a Blogging

My new blogging friends have inspired me!  Not only to blog more, but to be super cute doing it! With that inspiration I created the Bloggers Rug... so far for Petites... but give me a few days and there will be a biggie version too!

The Bloggers Rug has some super fun animations to reflect your mood.  Imagine laying down gazing deep in thought ...'hmmm what to write?' or flipping through a magazine checking out all the best couture, photography and self help magazines... or take out that handy laptop (in PINK no less!) and start writing, with seven laptop animations to chose from how can you go wrong?

The sculpty rug is a bit faded from lots of use in a pretty teal and mauve pattern.  It is copy mod (allowing you to add your own rug patterns, the props auto rez when you chose an animation!

I really hope you enjoy! 
Find it at Gatherings mainstore.

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