Monday, August 27, 2012

Little & Big Toy Soldiers

I got distracted... I was working on a gown and let my head wander... which is sometimes good... sometimes counterproductive...  This time I am pleased with the sweet results!  I started this outfit for Petites, then quickly adapted it to BosomMesh and Implants too because it was sooo much fun! I considered holding on to it till the holidays... but cute is always in style!

Petites Red Toy Soldier includes mesh clothing layer, sculpty riding boots, 
commanders hat, collar, epilates & sculpted sleeves (all copy, mod)  

Toy Soldier in Red to wear with and without implants, featuring Universal Implants (left) and the NEW Foxbean Christina implants (right) with that torpedo shape I love, but enhanced with a weightier look! I was pleased to see that the clothing layers still use the same texturing scheme and appliers, which have always been easy to work with!

Made especially for BosomMesh, the Toy Soldier in Red includes all 7 current mesh body types and modifiable accessories, boots have a deleteable resize script. Shown with Truth  Chelsea hair in Ivory (heavily modified), skin from Spanked, FatOrbs BosomMesh Body.

You can find all three of these in Gatherings mainstore, although for Petites, I recommend Gatherings for Petites for a more complete petite experience!
At Ease Soldiers!  *giggles*

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