Sunday, August 19, 2012

SeXXXpo 2012 has Arrived!

I am so excited that Petite SeXXXpo 2012 is finally here after so much hard work... most of you know I have been a little quiet in the busty community and it is because of this fantastic event!

If you thought little tiny petites and pixies were all cutsey swirling fairy dust... well then you are mistaken!  Most are mischevious, flirtacious and a whole lot of naughty!  If you haven't gone petite yet then you don't know what you are missing!  LOL

So why am I so excited about SeXXXpo?  Well... first of all it is at Elysian Valley which is always jam packed with fun and naughtiness, great entertainment and pleasing surroundings. Secondly, because it brings together petite adult designers challenging them to create something new and original for the petite community!  Top that off with 10,000L$ in prizes to those designers and tons of prizes at the almost constant parties happening at this week long event!  Friday night the opening party kicked off with tons of prizes, gift cards and a 4000L$ prize split among the top party goers! Whao!  A big huge thanks to Jez Fallen the creator of Elysian Valley for his generosity!  And of course none of it could be done without the great DJs and the amazingly helpful and naughty Torty who manages things for Jez, instigates and somehow keeps us vendors in line. Oh and special mention to Fini (Finesse Firelyte) for spinning some of the sexiest music to be found on the airwaves for well over 5 hours... we begged her to keep going but I think we wore her out!  What stamina!

So I have to share my entry with all of you and of course some pictures too! The Love Stump contains over 100 anims is made of both mesh and sculpty components and has an extensive menu for cuddles, kisses, girl girl and female male sex as well as solo masturbation and mutual masturbation! Oh and fun props too including a flower dildo, a petites erotica book and a naughty magazine!  Hehe! One of my favorite things (besides the masturbations and sweet cuddles) is the new animations sytem by AVsitter!  NO pose balls yet animations can be synced!  YAY!

I should also be releasing the cuddles and kiss version soon (then I promise more clothes!)

Make sure you come to Elysian Valley and check out the other great entries as well as some additional vendor stalls at the SeXXXpo geared to petite adult products! 

I have a few pics and some info from a few of the competitors:

S&S Clockworks presented the following description for their very sweet petite sized gazebo: A great way to cuddle and enjoy your time with your loved one. Spend sensual and loving moments in your private garden with this beautiful gazebo. It can be found at SeXXXpo 2012 or in the petite section of the S & S Clockworks mainstore .

~Jeanette's Joint~ brings a whole lot of bigness to an itty bitty world with her Third Leg *giggles*.  She describes it as this:  The ~JJ~ Petitestuff Third Leg is the ground floor of a project that will evolve and grow as the community helps shape the product's revisions and future releases.  This penile addition is a simple and inexpensive starter item.  As features are added, those who bought early (and bought cheap) will ge the biggest bargain because upgrades are FREE over the lifetime of the product.  Future first-time buyers will pay more and more as the product is developed further.  Still, for a starter, this product packs a lot! It can be found at the ~Jeanette's Joint~ mainstore as well as many outlet locations.

Judith Flow enters the competition with Petite Cream: a mostly transparent outfit for petites, which is hud-controlled to show the cream just where you want to show it. It uses a modified version of my Magical Clothes script to turn on/off the selected cum layers, so the user doesn't have to go searching through his or her inventory to attach/detach seperate pieces all the time. Her building philosophy is to build things in second life that she herself would use, and if they have broad mass appeal then she releases them to the public. Take a look at her mainstore where you will find many useful products including a flying petite bed!

Of course ALL of these products and more can be found at SeXXXpo at Elysian Valley !  Come by and check out all the great vendors and stop by a party or two!  There are far too many to list here, but there is pretty much back to back parties filled with naughtiness going on from 5-9 slt every night! Biggies welcome too!

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