Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Love Me! Love My Shoes!

Shoes are Sexy!  They really are...nothing like a high heel stiletto, a pump, a platform to show of the curve of your legs... and so many fantasies seem to revolve around shoes, ok ... ok maybe only in my mind, and a few movies... but you know you love them, admit it ;).

A shoe can set the entire mood for an outfit, make you change your mind and ditch the outfit you had intended to wear.  I have lots of shoes in my second life inventory, 99% are for my biggie avatar and petites need more shoes!  So with that in mind I set to making a sexy strappy sandal especially for Petites Mesh Avatars! I wanted it to be versatile so I made it color change :).

The Petites Color Change Strappy Sandal is made of mesh and sculpt components and is scripted to resize, change skin tone, nail color and sandal strap/heel color.  The posibilities are endless. It also allows for shine and full bright! Important when your petite mesh avatar is full bright!

Love Me!  Love My Shoes!
My wonderful girl Shayna Korobase of Spanked has been taking some amazing pictures at Humanoid.  She has been bugging me to go check it out so I finally did, wanting to take some fun pictures of the New Strappy Sandal.  This is the result thanks to my friend Forrest, I didnt abuse him tooo much ;)
Oh!  The outfit? Coming soon for BosomMesh and Petite Mesh Avatars!

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