Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dirty Pillow Hunt 2 at GD

Hi hi! Sooo excited to once again be a part of The Dirty Pillow Hunt!!

The Dirty Pillow Hunt is a grid wide hunt sponsored by Que Bella (which is the starting point ☺) and features lingerie and sleep wear from 50 implant friendly stores!  ALL items are free! YAY!

GD Hint? I am a box that hold keys without locks, I cannot open a door, yet I can unlock great emotion in you with the touch of your hands.

The Gatherings Blue Pearl Lingerie features a sheer cami with panties and an optional flirt skirt, implant appliers (Lolas Tango, Mirage, 2.5; Lush, B-busty, iBoobs, Sinful Needs, Icon) *note the Lolas 2.5 work with multiple older implants but will need some adjusting (ie foxbean, ecorp). OH! and phat azz appliers are included!  YAY!

Official Dirty Pillow Hunt Hints  Also hints can be found in each store!

What I am wearing:
Gatherings Blue Pearl Lingerie
Magika Stumble (I recolored the blindfold)
Damned Kiss Me to Death #11 with eyemakeup
Spanked Skins Lighter with Phat Azz appliers
Slink Hands Elegant 1 and Casual, Nails Hello David Colours 2 nail hud

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