Friday, October 11, 2013

I Can Wait All Day

I Can Wait All Day by Stacia Zabaleta
I Can Wait All Day, a photo by Stacia Zabaleta on Flickr.
I needed to take a break today from designing, sooo many events for October! I had put this Purple Lace Jessica Gown on last night (It is currently exclusive at Bewbapalooza!), slipped into a pair of long sleek gloves and couldn't help but think I needed to capture this moment!

Thanks to a little Lumipro help ;) and a tiny bit of photoshop to set the mood (seriously really just gausian blur and a pinch of overlay (set at 15%)) the mood was set!

Oh the gloves are currently part of the Busty Burlesque Bee and Lady Burlesque Bug with Slink hands! I promise to package them separately as soon as I can!!

I love the plunge of this gown, I entitled this shot "Follow me..."  and who wouldn't ;)


colleen said...

Beautiful ! Thank you LUMIPro Team is very glad you are enjoying the HUD!

Gatherings said...

Thanks Colleen! I can't say enough good things about LumiPro, makes me wonder why I ever hesitated to get it!