Monday, October 21, 2013

The Great Pumpkin!

Ah!  The Great Pumpkin!  I love pumpkins and carving Jack OO lanterns.. oops typo, I think that makes them Jackie Boobie Lanterns ;P. Tee hee!  I had tons of fun carving out this outfit :D Includes Mesh Corset, Mesh boots and skirt, Pumpkin hat and boobie covers!

Currently available at Gatherings mainstore.

What I am wearing:
Gatherings Great Pumpkin: Corset, Skirt, Boots (all meshie) with pumpkin hat and boobie covers
Hair:  Truth Bunny in Pumpkin (yes really!)
Implants: Lolas! Tango
Skin: Spanked Lighter with custom makeup from Damned and Blacklace

For more costume goodness see this post: Quite a Busty Buzz

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