Monday, October 28, 2013

Shall We Dance? A perfect pairing

I recently had the opportunity to do a photoshoot for my friend Freya Dragonash, the owner of Freya's Ironworks. She is a clothing and furniture designer much like me, but specializes in men's clothing- something secondlife needs more of!!

While I took some shots of just men's clothing, I couldn't help but pair it with some of my gowns and dresses! I hope you like the results!

Freya's Ironworks men's tuxedo with colored lapels (red) paired with Gatherings Carmen Sequin in red with the theatrical opera skirt.

Carmen Sequin in Red shown here with the pencil skirt and matching sequin shoes.
The second photo I entitled "Wait", something about this pose was erotic but frightening....

I love this photo! I did a series of these and had a hard time picking which was my fav. The Men's Cruiser Jacket comes in a variety of colors and includes two shirt styles, one pinstripe and the other solid. It has incredible detail and style! I paired it with the Men's Mesh Jeans in Black (they come in straight leg, bootcut and skinny) and the shoes are borrowed from the Tuxedo! Oh, and the dress?  It is Gatherings Slinky Jessica Dress in Grape with implant appliers.

So head over to Freya's Ironworks and dress up your favorite man!

Other details:
I used Lumipro for the shadowing and lighting effects, windlight set to 9pm
ALL poses from Exposeur! Sorry I don't remember the names of them all! But they are certainly my 'go to' pose place!


colleen said...

Beautiful !

Gatherings said...

Oh gosh! I missed your comment! Thank you so much! :D