Friday, November 9, 2012

Petites & Biggies Unite!

Hmmm... Is unite the right word?  Come together, gather, aggregate, congregate, amass... you get the idea! I love being a petite although most of my dearest friends in second life are not, or rarely.  So I created seating that lets us share some special one on one time!

The Petite & Biggie Trellis Bench is mesh. It has a super low land impact (3-4LI!) and is packed with 44 animations ! There are 3 interactive sits/cuddles and loads more solo sits that do not overlap allowing for great rp and hang time! Includes 15 petite only animations and 23 biggie animations.  This uses a non-poseball system that has adjustable positions that can be saved for each avatar.

The Trellis Bench has 2 versions in each pack, with and without Ivy which changes the land impact (3 and 4 respectively). The Ivy version is shown below in the blue and golden.
Note that these benches are copy! Meaning you can rez them at home, a friends, 
your favorite hang out... assuming you have rez permissions of course ;) 
And with such a low land impact... why not! 
So grab some one on one time with your favorite biggie or petite!

 Check it out in world at Gatherings Petites!

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