Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tangos Update Day 3

Today was CrazzZzy!  However... I got two versions of one gown done today :) The Brocade Gowns with Lingerie.. double the appliers.  I forgot how much I love this gown!  It is totally mix and match so you can wear the lingerie top with the gown bottom, or the gown top with the lingerie bottom ;).

The Brocade Gowns include multiple layers for mixing and matching, Choice of garters, chemise bottom, gown bottom, gown top or lingerie top.  Appliers for both gown and lingerie, now with Tango appliers :) Sculpty pumps included.

Have I mentioned how much I love Looove LOOOVE Lolas! Tango boobies? Well I really do!  I put on my favorite suit a few days ago (will be updated soon) and snapped a pic.

Other than a border... this is an unedited pic! Sooo YAY Tangos & Spanked skins for making it so seemlessly perfect!

Sooo... HOW do you get your Tango Appliers!?  If you have purchased these outfits in the past come to the mainstore and touch the Redelivery kiosk. Chose the outfit and it will be redelivered :D It is that simple!

Gowns and suit available at Gatherings

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