Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tangos Update Day 2 at Gatherings!

Here we go!  Four designs updated to Tangos!  Have I mentioned how much I love the Lolas Tango boobies!?!?!  The gowns are almost finished which makes me really happy.

Come and get these gowns if you don't have them, and if you already purchased them then touch the inworld redelivery kiosk next to the mainstore entrance to get your updates!  Please look for the Lolas (t/n/p).. Tango natural pushup.  Sounds like code, feel like I should throw a charlie and delta in their too!  Hey, it is late and I am way beyond tired ;) Silly has set in!

Soooo sneak peek at the updated gowns (realize none of these feature Tangos because I am waaay too lazy to reshoot pics and you would never get updates ;).

The Sparkle Gown is available in 6 colors: Ebony, Burnt, Grape, Tarnished, Chocolate and Blush, it includes Tango appliers, as well as those listed.

Wedding Gowns for Tangos!

Wedding Gowns with tons of options, mix and match skirts, different lengths of veil, all to make your special day perfect!  Now with Lolas! Tango appliers.

Sequin Plunge Gowns with jewelry available in 3 colors for Lolas Natural and Tangos, also Ecorp appliers.

Ok, beddie time.. more tomorrow ;) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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