Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Polar Petite's Hunt is coming!

Yay!  Another hunt!  This time for my beloved Petites!  What are we hunting?  Well it seems we are hunting the mighty (although endangered o.O) Polar Bear!  Rrrrawwwrrr! The organizers have created a spear that will notify you when you are close to the hunt object... which is actually a cute and tiny polar bear. Good thing they are just pixels! *giggles*

*side note ;)  I can't help myself of my undergrads is in Environmental Biology... I am secretly a tree huger and lover of all things living so here it is... more info on Polar Bears on the Endangered Species List.  Ok.. getting off my soap box! ;)

I thought it would be fun to throw a little twist on Rudolph and give you Rhonda too!

Rudolph & Rhonda Reindeer includes antlers, red glowing nose, scarf
and clothing as pictured (shoes, hair and mesh avatar not included)

Big thanks to my friend Forrest for hanging out with me and the bear! Mwah!

The Polar Petite's Hunt starts November 15th and goes through December 15th.  The hunt does have a cost of 5L.  However, if you feel you cannot afford the lindens, please let me know ;).

What we are wearing:
Forrest: Fallen Gods Male Petites Elves (tan), Hair: Amacci Jake (black) resized, Clothing: Gatherings Rudolph Reindeer

Me: Yabusaka Female AV1, custom skinned, Hair: Wasabi Pills Petite Anais (iceberg)

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