Monday, November 25, 2013

Slippery When Wet! Hunt for Your Inner Slut 5

At the risk of being naughty... again ;) I am going to post naughtiness on my blog, which I rarely do!... I totally forgot to post this because well.. it is naughty! But... I didn't want you all to miss out!

Hunt for Your Inner Slut 5 is well underway, and I was lucky enough to slip in under the wire!  I made a very special version of the Latex Harness and threw in the phat azz appliers for free! Implant appliers are for Tango/Mirage and B-Busty ONLY because of the alignment over the nips ;).

Hints can be found on the blog... I am the 2nd stop on the hunt! Oh, and it is totally free!

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