Monday, November 11, 2013

Big Boobie Bizarre is off and running!

I am so happy with the Big Boobie Bizarre! Have you been there!? You should!
Big Boobie Bizarre is the brain child of Shayna Korobase the owner of Spanked Skins and Fashion. It brings together 30 great implant friendly stores showcasing their fashion and each with a gacha, MM board or Lucky Chair!  Tons of freebies to be had! It is well worth popping in and trying your luck!

Big Boobie Bizarre is located at Okeanides City, home of Spanked, Gatherings and Tw@tty Cake! Oh yes! Tw@tty C@ke is back! She had her grand re-opening just last week! YAY!

Big Boobie Bizarre
Tw@tty C@ke   Hey, if you previously bought clothes from Tw@tty C@ke but need updated appliers they are at her store ♥ so check it out!

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