Monday, September 3, 2012

Fall/ Winter Fashion Trends

I have recently been following real life fashion trends as they relate to second life a bit more closely... I have to admit that I wasn't a huge fan of the color blocking seen this spring and summer as I felt it lacked sleek lines.  Color blocking of the 1960s used black with vibrant colors resulting in smooth sleek lines which were complementary to almost any figure!  This spring brought out very vibrant colors mixed in bold geometric shapes.  I played with the idea in second life but couldn't bring myself to release any of my creations, as I was unsure it was 'me' and I wasn't sure how any of you would react to it.

So now Fall and Winter are creeping in on us in the Northern Hemisphere and changes are being seen in the fashion landscape.  Color blocking is still VERY much a part of the trends, but colors are much deeper and richer jewel tones, especially teal, blues, greens (in any shade) and rich reds like wine and ruby red. Oh, and some amethyst thrown in for good measure. Leather should be no surprise, seems like a bit of a staple for fall.  Though one could speculate that trend towards black on black with leather could be inspired by the movie release of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (Great book series by the way!).  Hemlines are short with high slits.  And... the surprise to me was lots of sheer see through fabrics... yes for fall. Of course we don't think twice about that in second life ;)

So with all of that in mind... I went back to playing with color blocking using some of my favorite colors, those deep rich jewel tones.  Then I went back and looked at the 60s color blocking style and couldn't help but love the sleek lines!  My intention once again was to have a dress that would suit my implant clientele, BosomMesh and Petites!  However, I found it more suited for Petites this go around. 

So here it is... Gatherings Color Block Dresses in 7 colors for Petites Mesh Avatars... Hope you enjoy!

Gatherings Color Block Mini Dress in Blue is a snug dress with a back zipper, short hemline and high slits.  It is a bit naughty, as there are no included panties or prim skirt. Reminescent of 1960s color blocking with modern pattern and fabrics. Available at Gatherings for Petites.


~Gatherings Color Block Mini Dress for Petites
~Gatherings Color Change Strappy Laced Sandal
D!va Sayaka II (TypeB) -platinum (right) (resized)
D!va Rena  -onyx (center) (resized)
Wasabi Pill Dragon

So seriously... the next outfit I am working on is absolutely for Biggie avatars with (and without) big boobies... also for BosomMesh and Petites!  Pinky swear!

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