Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New year.. New Look

Yes, I should be working on something... but when one of my models wanted a NEW pic for her profile.. how could I refuse? New Year.. New Look!

Here is the result... I did this on the fly and in hindsight wish I had used my Lumipro.. but alas I did not. I did have to do a bit of editing though.. so here is the original:  
Thanks to mesh and prims corrections were necessary in Photoshop for a more natural look.. and at severe angles sl avatars always get a bit wonky. I also added a bit of eyelashes/eyeliner for drama using Photoshop brushes. The ankle issues is a shadowing thing in sl.. I realized after the fact I forgot to turn off ambient occlusion which makes skin and mesh parts not so compatible (implants and phat azz too!)

What Marrissa is wearing:
Gatherings Zip Front Dress in Eggplant
GD Bianca Platforms Dark color change

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