Friday, July 5, 2013

Think Pink Early!

Hi hi! Sooo while I was putting together the short version of the ever popular Jessica Gown I realized that the Think Pink Gown could use an update too! The thing is the dress designed after the gown made for such a great event... well ... it only felt right that the proceeds of the dress ALSO go to the Annual Busted Magazine Think Pink Fundraiser. So I contacted Maggie Bluxome, the brains behind the event, and asked if I could have the money sent directly to the fund for next years event. And happily she said yes! YAY! \o/

~All proceeds will go to benefit Breast Cancer Research and Awareness via The Busted Magazines Annual Event that takes place in February within Second Life. The past 2 years the busty community has raised over 1000USD$ for the Susan G Komen fund. Proceeds from this dress (and the add on pack) will go directly to the Busted Magazine fund raising efforts :).~

The Slinky Jessica Dress is modeled after the very popular Jessica Gown from Gatherings using the same popular colors and fabrics! With the plunging back line and just barely covered breasts you will defy gravity with this beautifully crafted dress ;)

As with the Jessica Gown, Implant appliers are included! Available at Gatherings Mainstore.

Also the add on pack (dress only for those that already own the same gown) is available at Gatherings mainstore ONLY, so you needn't break the bank but still support this amazing event!


Maggie Bluxome said...

Thank you, Stacia! :D

Maggie Bluxome said...
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Gatherings said...

Oh Maggie! You are sooo very welcome! It is one of the small ways that I can give back. I am so blessed in SL and RL for my health, my friends, my family, my passion and my profession. This is really just a small way to give back!