Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Independence Mesh Corset Gown

Happy Independence Day! And Happy July to the rest of you ;-)... while July is not my favorite month, it certainly has fond childhood memories of fireworks, bbq's, watermelon and time spent with family!

So I couldn't let it pass without a little something special to celebrate the country I love (but don't always agree with... don't get me started ;) hehe).

I took the very popular Mesh Corset Gown and decked it out in Red White and Blue, Stars and Stripes \o/ YAY!

I set a very special price for in store... or you can grab it on the marketplace for a bit more.
By the way..... This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER! Yes, I used caps because I mean it ;D.

OH! and any instore rewards discounts you have.. it will take that percentage off too! \o/

More goodies coming your way soon. I am holding a few things back ;)

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