Sunday, October 18, 2009


There have been so many changes, I am unsure where to start! It has been almost two years in Second Life, and there have been too many changes to recount here. I have seen changes in my abilities to build by leaps and bounds. Creativity abounds in SL, as I learn so do others, making the content here amazing. My friends have grown in their abilities, and we have all grown in our friendship.

My bestest friends amaze me everyday in their love, kindness, humor and generosity. Most of all they warm my heart because they are incredible girls.
They are constantly improving who they are, learning growing and becoming better people.
We pull each other up when we are sliding, sli
pping or falling. But we give each other enough space to still do stupid things, lol and love each other in spite of it. We learn from our mistakes, accept our faults and those of each other. It is what keeps us close, and coming back for more ;). Shay is my girl, my partner... and well uniquely Shay.

Freya, she is my bestest friend. Her heart and mind are incredible. We have sooo much in common and she can always make me laugh, and apparently me her... regardless of how wacky my humor might be!
So where are we now? We have moved sims a few times, learned tons of lessons here in SL as changes have arisen and our stores have grown. I am incredibly happy to say we are on our very own full sim now. We have our club, our stores, our mall and our beach. And a home tucked away too where we each have our own space and a combined commons area for hanging out.

So what is to come? After almost 2 years in Second Life, I am counting on more personal growth, the continued success of my ever growing store, the ever strengthening friendships I share and of course more changes. Because that is what this Second Life is about, and life in general; accepting changes, growing through our experiences and most importantly Learning.
Hugs! Stacia

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