Saturday, October 11, 2008


I am still sometimes in awe of the changes that have taken place in me, my friends and the sl world around me. Many of these changes have worked their way into my every day rl, changing who I am and how I react to people and situations around me. I now have to marvel at how the two can be intertwined. What started out as a bit of fun, has taken me down some interesting paths. All of which have been learning experiences.

So how did it begin? A Newsweek article. One and a half years ago I passed an article about an online game called Second Life to my best friend, Shayna Korobase, and urged her to play. As much as I wanted to, I knew my old lap top couldn't handle it. So, I lived vicariously through her until she urged me to play even if my computer was slow. I finally did in November of 2007; however, my computer made building difficult, shopping near impossible and exploring painful. Shayna urged me to join a BSG RP sim and I soon did. We both share a love for Battlestar Galactica and it seemed a perfect match for me as I joined the civilian medical team.

My computer often got in my way, and anyone who knew me at the time, well they are sure to remember my lag, inability to move in sl, and walking into walls. I have no idea how many times i would be asked, "Dr. Z, you ok? You look a little unsteady.", and well some not so kind remarks, :P. RP was the one thing I could do, unless the sim was lagged so badly I couldn't even type. At the time I enjoyed it, but as my responsibilities increased, changes took place on the sim, and personalities came out, my stress level increased and I chose to leave. In the 5 months I was on BSG-47 I was Dr. Zabaleta, Representative of Virgon, CMO of the Pacifica, Secretary of Health and Human Services, and the dying Colonel Zabaleta. I no longer RP, but love the friends that I met along the way. Through BSG-47 I met wonderful people, many of whom have become a bit like my sl family including Freyakc Dragonash, Leandrah Whiteberry (Andi), Dollwife Pink, and Cathiee McMillan.

During that time Shayna and I had moved from our small mainland plot to our little slice of paradise. Shay built a wonderful tropical Mediterranean villa (bit of a mansion truth be told), that was warm and open. I had fun furnishing it and fell in love with decorating, choosing just the right accessories, and coordinating the house. I began building furniture but struggled with my poor camera control. Shayna encouraged me to turn my attention to making Shapes, as she felt i had a talent.

Shortly after leaving BSG-47, Shayna, Freya and I began planning to open Okeanides, a recreational area and mall. It was amazing how quickly things came together. Just after we opened my new computer arrived and I was astounded at what we had created. The layout is very well thought out and recreational activities abound. Okeanides is a water sim that is geared for recreational activities, both sea bound and in the air. The mall itself allows for easy visibility from any vantage point within the mall.

Having my new computer allowed me to explore sl in a way that had not been possible. My ability to build went from nill to overdrive becoming an obsession. As Shayna and I planned to move to our little island paradise next to Okeanides I began building what in my mind was the perfect little gathering couch. We built the idea into our tiki house, to have gatherings of friends and a place to hang out. Friends convinced me that I had an eye for building and soon I was building for friends, then opening my own shop... and here we are today.

I still revel at how beautiful sl is, and how amazing it is to see an idea in your head and make it a reality!! I tip my hat to those whose skills far exceed mine, knowing that with every design I learn a little more. I know that this is only the beginning, there is much more to be learned, not just about building, but about life, whether in sl or that other reality.