Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gatherings Tiny Bandeau and Maxi Skirt NEW! for September Bewbapalooza!

New for September Bewbapalooza! Gatherings Tiny Bandeau and Maxi Skirt in six colors/textures.

The Tiny Bandeau in coordinating colors shows just enough cleavage. There is an implant friendly layer to prevent those 'double textures' ;).

Can be worn with or without implants. Appliers included for Tango, Lush, B-busty and the new iBoobs mesh implants. For additional applier brands please take a look at the poster :).

The Tiny Bandeau is also available in 4 solid colors, with appliers.

What I am wearing:

Gatherings Tiny Bandeau and Maxi Skirt
Hair: (top) Magika Tomorrow , (bottom) Magika Visit (the hud has 4 tie textures.. I modified the color)
Skin: Spanked Lighter, with makeup added from Blacklace and Damned.
Eyes: FateEyes Lashes: Gaeline Utopia
Implants: Lolas! Tango

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